About us

About us

Rhythm and Rhyme has been inspiring young minds in and around Manchester since 2001. We are proud to be local, independent and approved by Manchester Education Services.

Energetic and engaging, sessions are packed with songs, rhymes, bubbles and balls; percussion, puppets, and parachute play.

At Rhythm & Rhyme we know the importance of learning in the vital early years and our multi sensory sessions are specifically designed to target child development.

Things you might like to know:

Almost 90% of the brain develops in the first five years.

As babies and young children bounce, laugh and clap through a Rhythm and Rhyme session the best kind of learning is taking place – active and fun!

Our programme links with the national ‘early years foundation stage’ framework, which celebrates the development of young children, recognising that babies are competent learners from birth.

Sessions have been designed to accelerate babies’ learning in this vital early stage of life.

Songs and rhymes

Babies’ brains are built for music. They pick out high and low sounds before they recognise words and singing is a great way to communicate. The repetition of tunes and words forge new pathways in their brains.

At Rhythm and Rhyme we always start with a few songs that encourage babies’ natural impulse to communicate and experiment with their voices.

” This is his favourite session of the week”
Lewis’ mum Heaton Moor.

Drum and pre-school instruments

This is the noisy bit but for babies the relationship between cause and effect is an important one. Children learn to enjoy learning through imitation, exploring and playing.

“Finding enjoyment in making noise is one of the most exciting early experiences that babies and toddlers have. And one of the most important aspects of this enjoyment comes from sharing the excitement with other children and adults.”
National Literacy trust

Parachute play

Playing with the parachute provides the perfect opportunity for babies to explore through touch, sight, sound and movement. Waving at each other, playing BOO in a big way and rolling balls around together develops confidence and a sense of belonging.

” I’ve never been to a group with such a lovely atmosphere – there’s a real warmth to it!”
Becky, Timperley.

Dance time

Dancing and moving with your baby develops balance and movements crucial for sitting, crawling and walking.


Bubble time is a favourite with babies and parents.

“We were listening to some really beautiful guitar music and blowing bubbles for all the babies. It was just magical.”
Evie’s mum, Chorlton.